The importance of escapism

There are things that happen around us that are beyond our control, such as war, death, crime, and poverty. There are other things that can happen, that we may have some influence in, such as falling out with a friend. All forms of these events can make us feel despondent, disconsolate, and alone. 

When you are in a state of desolation, it is necessary to find something to temporarily distract you, or you would just rapidly shatter. Escapism provides you with this distraction; escapism provides you with a net to catch and cradle you, if you fall.

Escapism can take place in any form, whether by reading or by listening to music. However, there are some dangerous forms of escapism (such as drug and alcohol misuse) that we must resist, even in times of desperation. We all know the physical, social, and psychological effects of drug and alcohol misuse- it provides you with a frayed net, with a giant hole in the middle. 

Escapism is good, and escapism is vital… But don’t become a victim of dangerous escapism.


Your contribution

I live in my own bubble; a bubble where all I can see is suffering, despite my efforts to keep morale high. I read the news, watch the television and acknowledge ghost smiles. I feel disconsolate. 

I drown in the disappointment I have for myself and society as a whole on a daily basis. If we were all just a little bit more compassionate and empathetic, half of the problems in this world wouldn’t exist. Instead of taking responsibility for each member of society to tackle our first world problems, we choose to ignore these problems and live in our own little bubbles of oblivion. We give up on our world, before we even attempt to approach the problems in society. 

Last week I registered to become an organ donor, but I still feel disappointed in myself- I am one donor, and I can only help one patient. I cannot help everyone, and this fact deeply saddens me.

It is difficult to make a positive change in the world when you are standing alone, so I ask you, what can you do to positively contribute to the world…. And why are you not doing it now?