Mental health begins at physical health

Through the years I have found that my physical health has a significant role in determining my mental health- when I keep fit and healthy, I often feel immensely happier, fulfilled, and optimistic.

In a sense, I feel like being clear from negativity and pure on the inside is a waste if you do not look well on the outside. Keeping my body in shape on the outside helps me to nourish my inner self; it makes me feel like I am fully in control of myself, a feeling that I strongly fear of not having.

There are many things that I do to keep myself physically healthy. Firstly, I have maintained a routine of working out every second day; I do a mixture of strength and endurance exercises, finishing with yoga as a form of stretching. 

Secondly, I am committed to a healthy, balance diet- the kind of diet that doesn’t leave you feeling miserably guilty after each meal. 

Thirdly, I try my best to ensure that I get atleast 8 hours of sleep a day because all-nighters are not worth the headache of colour correcting dark circles and concealing undereye bags. By allowing myself to have my full beauty sleep, I wake up feeling refreshed, allowing myself to be able to function fully throughout the day. 

Finally, I like to spend atleast 5 minutes at the end of my day to just smile as I reflect on all the positive aspects of my day. 

My four steps to physical health are pretty simple, but they work wonders on my state of mind… see for yourself!