What does it mean to be successful?

It’s not just about the grades. It’s not just about the memories. It’s not just about the people. Whether good or bad, it’s not just about the experiences. It’s about you.

Being successful is about having an aim or purpose and continuously working towards it. Being successful is about maintaining a focus on your long term goals.

Success involves making each day valuable in achieving your ideal future. Success is a challenge, in a sense that it also involves not letting short term pleasures or downfalls distract you from achieving your aims in life.
Success isn’t a “thing”; it isn’t an end result or product of hard work, whilst hard work is an element of success. Success is a journey– a process of attaining your long term desires.



From time to time, events in your life bring you down like a catapult. Sometimes it’s not just one event, but a collection of events that have layered on top of eachother- the cherry on top only initiates the toppling of the pile.

Times like these can make you feel disconsolate, alone, and unimportant. A life free from negativity is utopic, but we should all still try to remain positive. Sometimes the action of attempting to stay positive alone can make you feel sufficiently uplifted.

Even when things in life go wrong, you just need to keep swimming. If you don’t swim, you won’t get anywhere; but if you do swim, you may find that you are actually getting closer to your goal.


I wanted a beginning.
I wanted to be free from the shackles of high school. I wanted to be free from the high school politics. I wanted to be free from this harsh society. I wanted to be free from this judgemental society. I wanted to be free from the ropes of negativity that have tied me to high school. 

I’m still surrounded by the same people, but I’ve left high school. I’m still in the same classroom, but I’ve left high school. People around me may still be the same, but I’ve left high school.
I have a goal: I want to be happy. I want to be surrounded by petals of positivity throughout my future. Even if I look ridiculous in doing so, I want to abandon my ropes of negativity. 
I have abandoned my ropes of negativity. I have abandoned my past, and that’s the beauty of a beginning; nothing happens before a beginning.