I hate reading the news because the news upsets me. It doesn’t mean that I want to live in oblivion. It simply means that I hate reading things that I can’t change or contribute to in any way.

News topics that strike me the hardest are the ones that involve war and conflict. Where there’s war and conflict, there are innocent, helpless victims that are trapped in an unsafe environment. These victims cannot escape. I want to help them escape, but I cannot because its just not safe for me to intervene in such repressive environments.

We live in a world where it isn’t safe for people to live in their own homes. We live in a world where it isn’t safe for us to help and support victims. I find this heartbreaking.

Not matter how passive I feel in these situations, I now know that i’ll never truly be “not helping” or “not contributing”. My insight on the things that we see in the news is precious. Through my voice in discussion, I have a powerful ability to share my insights. My insights might be able to enrich another person’s thoughts; my insights may even prompt another person to completely change their own mentalitity towards various issues.

Your insight can do the exact same. Don’t be afraid to give a voice to your views.


Personal development

Whenever people at school made me sad, or insecure, I took my emotions home with me to dwell on. I spent a lot of my time in pointless missions to gain a sense of social status… Until I consolidated my actions. I realised that social status didn’t get me anywhere, and was never going to. 

From that moment on, I took every negative comment home with me, ditched them in my blazer pocket, shut my blazer away in my wardrobe, and put my full focus on improving myself. I decided that making myself and my family proud would’ve been much more rewarding than impressing unfaithful friends. 

Each day, I went home and worked very hard to improve myself through my education (for better understanding of the world) and my blog (for better practice in sharing my experiences). 

My hard work paid off- I acquired a better understanding of the world, myself, and even smashed my exams! I may have gotten 8 A*’s in my GCSE’s, but each day I go home with the same attitude because this is only the beginning.

Don’t just waste negative comments; use it as a battery for your personal development.


People change every decade, year, week, or day. I spent my last year battling with this constant change in myself. In one way, change is good as it provides people with new opportunities to develop as a person and discover new personality traits.

However, my experience with change has been extremely exhausting. As much as I appreciate the concept of all life forms being impermenant, I feel as though permanence is a necessity for everyone.

Without permanance, it’s greatly difficult to identify what your personal goals are. Likewise, without permanence, it’s greatly difficult to identify what you need, in order to experience true happiness.

When things around you and inside you are constantly changing, you can never fully embrace each individual aspect of change… and when you finally realise that it used to make you happy, it’s too late to take a step back to that change, for you have already transformed into a whole new person.

Regardless of the consequences of my changes, my experience has taught me not to fear change, but not to rush it either.