New Year Resolutions

With this being my first post of the year, it only felt right to base it on new year resolutions. Yes- the ghastly, overused term- new year resolutions. After a long and tiring year, who wants to start off the new year by making promises to themselves- that they know they’ll never keep? As optimistic as the term “new year resolutions” seems, it’s always just a recipe for failure that inevitably leads to self-disappointment. So, why do we make new year resolutions?

New year resolutions provide us with will-power and enthusiasm that are crucial in convincing ourselves that we can improve ourselves; new year resolutions are the fuel, driving force and kick-start in our journey towards self-improvement.

New year resolutions often feel daunting, when put down on paper or made official, because they are huge commitments (that often require alterations in our everyday habitual lifestyle). Yet, if new year resolutions force us to expose ourselves to new opportunities to improve ourselves, we ought to make more of an effort to follow them through the whole year ahead… and beyond!

My solution is simple; treat everyday like a new year day. Keep that optimistic energy flowing and convert it into your mindset. Let your optimistic energy and mindset react together in a beautifully explosive experiment to produce your success, achievements, pride and happiness.

To my dear readers, I wish you all a very successful year ahead, driven by your optimistic energy.


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