I hate reading the news because the news upsets me. It doesn’t mean that I want to live in oblivion. It simply means that I hate reading things that I can’t change or contribute to in any way.

News topics that strike me the hardest are the ones that involve war and conflict. Where there’s war and conflict, there are innocent, helpless victims that are trapped in an unsafe environment. These victims cannot escape. I want to help them escape, but I cannot because its just not safe for me to intervene in such repressive environments.

We live in a world where it isn’t safe for people to live in their own homes. We live in a world where it isn’t safe for us to help and support victims. I find this heartbreaking.

Not matter how passive I feel in these situations, I now know that i’ll never truly be “not helping” or “not contributing”. My insight on the things that we see in the news is precious. Through my voice in discussion, I have a powerful ability to share my insights. My insights might be able to enrich another person’s thoughts; my insights may even prompt another person to completely change their own mentalitity towards various issues.

Your insight can do the exact same. Don’t be afraid to give a voice to your views.



We have all been exposed to negativity in some point in our lives. Negativity pulls us down to the ground, drags us in the mud, and sometimes scars our thoughts. Negativity is often the main obstruction in my mind.

We can’t avoid negativity, or protect ourselves from negativity. One way or another, negativity always hits us.

But we can deal with the aftermath. We can analyse the evidence of what has disheartened us to uncover the root cause of unhappiness and negativity.

Evaluating an investigation of your emotions can be quite an interesting experience. I’ve found that many of my investigations have resulted in lifechanging outcomes- a decision to simply abandon the cause of negativity.

Why don’t you try investigating your emotions?

The importance of escapism

There are things that happen around us that are beyond our control, such as war, death, crime, and poverty. There are other things that can happen, that we may have some influence in, such as falling out with a friend. All forms of these events can make us feel despondent, disconsolate, and alone. 

When you are in a state of desolation, it is necessary to find something to temporarily distract you, or you would just rapidly shatter. Escapism provides you with this distraction; escapism provides you with a net to catch and cradle you, if you fall.

Escapism can take place in any form, whether by reading or by listening to music. However, there are some dangerous forms of escapism (such as drug and alcohol misuse) that we must resist, even in times of desperation. We all know the physical, social, and psychological effects of drug and alcohol misuse- it provides you with a frayed net, with a giant hole in the middle. 

Escapism is good, and escapism is vital… But don’t become a victim of dangerous escapism.