Passion is a vital element in everything that you do in your life- passion (in theory) makes you a lot more successful at what you do.

A passion for the things you do gives you a phenological approach to it, thus making it more enjoyable, and easier to complete. There is no point in pushing yourself to do something that you have no passion or interest in, as it will only make you regret each moment of forcing yourself to do it. This is a particularly significant piece of advice for people making decisions regarding their future.
I know that decisions regarding careers are tough, especially since the reforms to education in the UK has advertently urged students to make career plans from the young age of sixteen. 
As an “all rounder”, narrowing my umbrella of opportunities to only three subjects has been an extremely terrifying process. However, after choosing a particularly rare subject combination, people questioned why I didn’t go down an engineering, medicine, or dentistry career route. My answer was simple; although I was confident in my maths and sciences, I did not have an intense passion for these subjects.
Today I see people struggling with the subjects they chose, purely because they forced themselves to do the subject, rather than having a genuine passion for them. I, on the other hand, do not regret my choices in the slightest possible manner, thus, my experience of A-levels (so far) has been somewhat enjoyable. 
Making the right choices is a life skill; stating your passions at the top of a pros-and-cons list in any form of decision making would be a wise start to the process.


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