I often scroll through my social media feeds and see photos of stunning celebrities. I envy these celebrities; celebrities seem to have a perfect hair, gait, and life. In the midst of wishing I could be them, I nullify my own self worth. 

Unfortunately, I am only one of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people around the world that feel the same way. Social media has a detrimental impact on people: it teaches people to conform to a certain type of image. 

Millions of people this second are conforming, to become an idealistic social figure. People are changing the way they dress, talk, walk and look to become “instagram worthy” or “tumblr worthy”.

This is resulting in an imminent loss of originality- the biggest threat to society. Embrace what makes you unique, because that is what makes you beautiful. Don’t conform to the critical expectations of our society. Don’t encourage society’s tainted definition of perfection. 


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