People change every decade, year, week, or day. I spent my last year battling with this constant change in myself. In one way, change is good as it provides people with new opportunities to develop as a person and discover new personality traits.

However, my experience with change has been extremely exhausting. As much as I appreciate the concept of all life forms being impermenant, I feel as though permanence is a necessity for everyone.

Without permanance, it’s greatly difficult to identify what your personal goals are. Likewise, without permanence, it’s greatly difficult to identify what you need, in order to experience true happiness.

When things around you and inside you are constantly changing, you can never fully embrace each individual aspect of change… and when you finally realise that it used to make you happy, it’s too late to take a step back to that change, for you have already transformed into a whole new person.

Regardless of the consequences of my changes, my experience has taught me not to fear change, but not to rush it either.


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