Why do we need people around us? People can hurt us, upset us, or disappoint us… But let’s not forget that most people do more good than harm to us.

People offer us with new interpretations, to help us widen our own understanding of the world. People comfort us, in times of desperate need. People distract us, when distractions can actually be useful to us.

People provide us with company. Without people, you’d be lonely, and loneliness is the most agonising, exhausting, and draining emotion. Loneliness is trap. Loneliness makes you feel like you’re at the bottom of a dark ditch, alone. But people can rescue you, with their ladder and their light, from the bleakness of loneliness. 

Don’t be afraid to open up to the people around you.



Having a mindset is crucial in being successful. Without a mindset, having goals and a purpose is pointless; your mindset is your drive in life. 

What is a mindset? A mindset is defined as being: the established set of attitudes held by someone. What is my mindset? Positivity is at the roots of my mindset.For me, my family, friends and aspirations to be successful keep me positive; thus, they branch out from my mindset. 

Find what makes you happy, and use it as the seed for your mindset.


I have had experiences: happy, sad, scary, and motivating. I choose to never forget these experiences, as much as I’d love to abandon many of them, because all of my experiences have had lifechanging impacts on me. 

My experiences have shaped me into the person that I am today. Without my experiences, I wouldn’t have been as wise, as strong, nor as hardworking.

The most poweful experiences are the ones that make you put your own life into perspective, inevitably resulting in you renewing yourself as a person with an aim in life.The most poweful experiences are the ones that tattoo your purpose in the front of your mind.

We all have bad memories, or decisions that we now regret, but don’t waste the experience. Use your experience to get your life in shape, if it hasn’t already made you do so.


From time to time, events in your life bring you down like a catapult. Sometimes it’s not just one event, but a collection of events that have layered on top of eachother- the cherry on top only initiates the toppling of the pile.

Times like these can make you feel disconsolate, alone, and unimportant. A life free from negativity is utopic, but we should all still try to remain positive. Sometimes the action of attempting to stay positive alone can make you feel sufficiently uplifted.

Even when things in life go wrong, you just need to keep swimming. If you don’t swim, you won’t get anywhere; but if you do swim, you may find that you are actually getting closer to your goal.

Personal development

Whenever people at school made me sad, or insecure, I took my emotions home with me to dwell on. I spent a lot of my time in pointless missions to gain a sense of social status… Until I consolidated my actions. I realised that social status didn’t get me anywhere, and was never going to. 

From that moment on, I took every negative comment home with me, ditched them in my blazer pocket, shut my blazer away in my wardrobe, and put my full focus on improving myself. I decided that making myself and my family proud would’ve been much more rewarding than impressing unfaithful friends. 

Each day, I went home and worked very hard to improve myself through my education (for better understanding of the world) and my blog (for better practice in sharing my experiences). 

My hard work paid off- I acquired a better understanding of the world, myself, and even smashed my exams! I may have gotten 8 A*’s in my GCSE’s, but each day I go home with the same attitude because this is only the beginning.

Don’t just waste negative comments; use it as a battery for your personal development.


Passion is a vital element in everything that you do in your life- passion (in theory) makes you a lot more successful at what you do.

A passion for the things you do gives you a phenological approach to it, thus making it more enjoyable, and easier to complete. There is no point in pushing yourself to do something that you have no passion or interest in, as it will only make you regret each moment of forcing yourself to do it. This is a particularly significant piece of advice for people making decisions regarding their future.
I know that decisions regarding careers are tough, especially since the reforms to education in the UK has advertently urged students to make career plans from the young age of sixteen. 
As an “all rounder”, narrowing my umbrella of opportunities to only three subjects has been an extremely terrifying process. However, after choosing a particularly rare subject combination, people questioned why I didn’t go down an engineering, medicine, or dentistry career route. My answer was simple; although I was confident in my maths and sciences, I did not have an intense passion for these subjects.
Today I see people struggling with the subjects they chose, purely because they forced themselves to do the subject, rather than having a genuine passion for them. I, on the other hand, do not regret my choices in the slightest possible manner, thus, my experience of A-levels (so far) has been somewhat enjoyable. 
Making the right choices is a life skill; stating your passions at the top of a pros-and-cons list in any form of decision making would be a wise start to the process.

Your contribution

I live in my own bubble; a bubble where all I can see is suffering, despite my efforts to keep morale high. I read the news, watch the television and acknowledge ghost smiles. I feel disconsolate. 

I drown in the disappointment I have for myself and society as a whole on a daily basis. If we were all just a little bit more compassionate and empathetic, half of the problems in this world wouldn’t exist. Instead of taking responsibility for each member of society to tackle our first world problems, we choose to ignore these problems and live in our own little bubbles of oblivion. We give up on our world, before we even attempt to approach the problems in society. 

Last week I registered to become an organ donor, but I still feel disappointed in myself- I am one donor, and I can only help one patient. I cannot help everyone, and this fact deeply saddens me.

It is difficult to make a positive change in the world when you are standing alone, so I ask you, what can you do to positively contribute to the world…. And why are you not doing it now?


Why do we go to school? Why do we study? Why do we complete exams? 

Many of us are too focussed on the end goal- a certificate, reward, or qualification- that we forget the beauty in knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Google defines knowledge as: facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. I define knowledge as: an incredible source of understanding about ourselves, the people around us, and the world around us.

We often take education for granted. An 11 year old that I spoke to today described education as only a gateway to a job, and thus money. This young boy correctly identified the possibilities of education; however, the boy’s lack of appreciation of the knowledge served to him at school astounded me. 

I am intrigued to know: how do you value your education?


I often scroll through my social media feeds and see photos of stunning celebrities. I envy these celebrities; celebrities seem to have a perfect hair, gait, and life. In the midst of wishing I could be them, I nullify my own self worth. 

Unfortunately, I am only one of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people around the world that feel the same way. Social media has a detrimental impact on people: it teaches people to conform to a certain type of image. 

Millions of people this second are conforming, to become an idealistic social figure. People are changing the way they dress, talk, walk and look to become “instagram worthy” or “tumblr worthy”.

This is resulting in an imminent loss of originality- the biggest threat to society. Embrace what makes you unique, because that is what makes you beautiful. Don’t conform to the critical expectations of our society. Don’t encourage society’s tainted definition of perfection. 


I wanted a beginning.
I wanted to be free from the shackles of high school. I wanted to be free from the high school politics. I wanted to be free from this harsh society. I wanted to be free from this judgemental society. I wanted to be free from the ropes of negativity that have tied me to high school. 

I’m still surrounded by the same people, but I’ve left high school. I’m still in the same classroom, but I’ve left high school. People around me may still be the same, but I’ve left high school.
I have a goal: I want to be happy. I want to be surrounded by petals of positivity throughout my future. Even if I look ridiculous in doing so, I want to abandon my ropes of negativity. 
I have abandoned my ropes of negativity. I have abandoned my past, and that’s the beauty of a beginning; nothing happens before a beginning.